Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks


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Please order a service online or contact us before you ship any unit to us.
An appointment is REQUIRED to drop off a unit for repair/service.
BGA chip

We repair most makes and models of audio power amplifiers, receivers, Adcom Denon McIntosh LG Samsung etc. Also we repair by component level different kinds of boards like switching power supplies, power amplifier modules, DSP boards.

Sorry no more TV repairs, no computer repairs.

We have extensive experience in component level repairs, we have all equipment to diagnosing and replacing any components up to BGA chips.
Our stock parts inventory is maintained to provide fast turn around time for advertised flat rated services.
We can find discontinued or hard to find parts (additional time requires)

Turnaround time (TAT)
Current average turnaround time is 6 weeks.
If the unit was tampered (previously attempted to repair by another repair person or owner), has unusual problems like lighting damage, water damage, broken boards, shipping damage, intermittent problems, the turnaround time may be way longer. If we have to order parts from abroad it also add up to 4 weeks to TAT.
Flat Rate Repair Services:
For many models we offer flat rate repair services. Repair Service prices are based on our previous repair experience and knowledge. the prices are very accurate and affordable.
Flat rate repair service covers troubleshooting, repair, parts, aligment, testing, warranty. Return shipping is NOT included in the price. The shipping depends on your location and unit weight.
WHAT YOU SEE is WHAT YOU PAY - there are no additional/hidden fees in our flat rate repair service prices. No estimate fee.

- Tampered units, unsuccessfuly repaired by previous repairer are subject for additional fee of $100.
- Flat rate service will not cover very expensive parts like power transformer, microprocessor etc

Estimate Based Repair Services:
Do not see your unit model on flat rate repair services list? It doesn't mean we can not fix it. Probably the model has different kind of problems (cheap and expensive) or some rare or expensive parts and the repair can not be flat rated.
Please request Estimate-Based Repair Service and ship your unit for diagnosing and repair.
Uppon receiving the unit we will assess problems and prepare an estimate within 24 hours. There is $40 estimate fee which will be used as repair credit if the repair approval is given. In case the repair is declined or unit is notrepairable we keep estimate fee to cover our time for diagnosing your unit. Labor Rate will be billed at a rate of $50/hour. The Customer pay for parts and shipping.
Total for repair = shipping + labor + parts.
Service calls:
Local service calls withing 25 miles from NJ 08835 are $75. It includes basic diagnosing, disconnecting your unit, pick it up for repair and delivery and reconnecting repaired unit.
For example if you do not know which component is failed in your audio system, amplifier or preamplifier, we can do a service call to diagnosing and pick up failed unit. Then we repair it and bring it back. There will be $75 service call charge plus a repair charge.
How we do it:
  • We use only original parts.
  • We use original service manuals and do all works in compliance with service manuals.
  • We test run repaired unit for 10 hours.
  • Turn-around time is 5 business days or less.
How to send a unit for repair
  • Type your unit model in search box above to check if we have flat rate repair service for that model.
To order Flat Rate Repair Service:
  • On the flat rate repair service page type your zip code and click "calculate" to see return shipping cost and total amount for repair service. Click "Order this service".
  • Complete online form with your contact information and describtion of a problem. Click "Order this service". Shortly you'll get confirmation email with order details and order status link.
To order Estimate Based Repair Service: Then
  • You ship the unit to us and email us a tracking number.
  • We fix/adjust/test the unit.
  • Track your order online any time trough order status link and get all information: current status, description of found problems, replaced/ordered parts, shipping info, payment info, etc.
    You may contact by email directly to the technician who fix your unit.
  • We will ship it back to you after we have received your payment
Flat Rate Service Exeptions
Some exceptions apply for:
  • Fire and water damaged units when the circuit boards have big damages and cannot be repaired by component level.
  • Physically damaged units with cracked/bended/broken PCBs, front panels, covers, heatsinks, boards, glass etc.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) units, if there is a big mess inside the unit, missing parts, incorrect parts, incorrect fuses.
    In these cases we will provide an estimate after diagnosing of the unit. Repair costs depends on found problems.
Fried board
Example1: Lighting damage. The board is burned trough, non repairable, whole pcb assy has to be replaced.
DIY unit
Adcom GFA-565. This unit was attempted to repair by a nonprofessional person or shop. Input PCB, startup/delay circuit, output stage positive section, output stage negative section, wiring - everything has to be redone
DIY unit
Same GFA-565 amp, More pictures. Wrong emitter resistors, not original not matched output transistors, wrong in rush current resitor at startup/delay, poor soldering, wiring. It will take bunch time to return this unit back to factory spec.
The repair services are warranted for a period of 90 days from the date of return shipment if not stated otherwise in repair service description. Under warranty unit will be repaired at our expense.
PayPal sign We accept all methods of payment through PayPal including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express. We use Paypal as the fast, safe, easy way to accept your payment. We are PayPal Verified.
If you have not paypal accounts, you still can pay your order by your credit card (Visa, MasterCard) trough PayPal.
Also we accept personal, cashier checks or money orders.
For security reason our site does NOT collect any information about customers credit cards or bank accounts.
Box image We suggest that the unit you are sending to us be packed in a strong, double walled box. Do not use peanuts or bubble wrap for shipping heavy amplifiers, use solid Styrofoam, protect corners of the unit.
Factory Original box is the best.

Insure your unit for the purchase price.
In most cases a shipping company will not pay for damage of non properly packed unit.
Please email us the tracking number when you ship the unit for service.
WARNING: Dimentional Weight. Along with the actual weight shipping companies use a Dimentional Weight and charge extra money for light things packed in big boxes. Dimentional weight = Width x Lenght x Hight / 139. Actual weight is compared with dimentional weight and the larger of the two weights is the billable weight. If you ship 7 lb board in 20x20x20 box you will be charged for 58 lbs, but if you ship it in 12x12x8 box your charge will be for 7 lbs package. Don't be surprised.