Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Solved Problems

Sunfire true Super Jr 02112404068
no output sound
My Dynaco ST-70 amplifier runs quietly...the hum begins when the PAS-2 is fed into it. I'm not sure if the selector switch or other switches are at fault. The balance control does not work correctly.. Transformers checked out ok. The old power supply has been replaced by an upgrade SDS board assembly from Triode, inc. so that the quad condenser was disconnected from circuitry. The condenser can left in place for appearance. The unit needs a complete checkout.All tubes are new stock.
Sonographe SD-22 Compact disc player (By Conrad Johnson Design)
Disc drawer will not open. Can hear power to it.
Denon AVR 2808 CI # 8021524656 Repair Service
Lightning event: HDMI OUT to TV not working
Velodyne DD15BG 652091042
2X Sunfire sds10 plate amplifier
No power on either Amp, does not make sound no lights
46 Sharp Aquos TV Repair Service
The Comcast remote stopped turning the TV on/off and controlling the volume, although the remote still changes the cable stations. I changed remote batteries & reprogrammed but it didn't help. The Sharp remote also doesn't work.
Adcom GFA-7500 #DH162995 ? 1 single channel
The unit blew the main fuse. I tracked it down to this single channel. The other 4 channels are working fine. If this channel is plugged into the transformer, the main 15A fuse blows. There are no visible signs of distress on the board or any components. I know your web site shows you are not accepting new repairs, but I emailed, and this was the answer: Hello Chris, We can repair it. Please complete online form via link below and ship the board http://www.ebcelectronics.com/rsr.php It is 120 plus shipping. Do not separate from heatsink, ship whole module. Best regards, Paul EBC Electronics. Thank you, Chris
adcom gtp 870 hd #pr870dcs0376 Estimate-Based Repair Service
hdmi board is not working if you could check the whole unit out to be sure it is working would be great thank you
Legacy Point One Subwoofer Serial #: AO5179POBCWBX Label NO. Q-027-00109-6 and HSU Research VTF-3 MK 2
The subwoofer seems to be getting power, but does not produce any sound.
Line magnetic 518 ia tube amp w remote
the sound stopped coming from the Right Channel
Pioneer SA1280 and TX1080 Receiver & Amplifier
The receiver will NOT TURN ON (either manually or by remote). There is a light that shows electric current flow is on, but unit will not start. You repaired this for me in January (this year). However,it started to not work after a few days ago.
Proceed HPA2, Classe CA200 #1048
Ml and proceed are in protection Classe one ch
ROTEL RSX-1057 #101-6281061
Unit will not power on/operate.
Sony LBT-D290
skips door
Sunfire, HRS 10, HRS 10-A07-08390656
The Sunfire HRS 10 subwoofer has a hum constantly when plugged in and continues when the home theater system is turned on. The subwoofer does not work when home theater system is turned on.
Velodyne DD12BGE #681781021
For a few days, my subwoofer has stopped producing sound. I tested the speaker with my multimeter and it reads 4 ohms. Connecting the subwoofer to the TV, I have a picture for calibration but no sound seems to come out of the speaker. If I make noise with my hands, the microphone picks up the sound well and the frequency curve appears on the TV.
Velodyne F-1800R F-1800RII
Humming, distorted, etc. More later, once Im sure that it is on, and getting signal, etc.
Velodyne hgs15. S/n 630931001
My subwoofer makes very loud, unbearable noise when it is plugged in and turn on. I noticed this happened after we had short circuit power during Xmas holiday when all lighting turned on and overload and tripped off the electricity. Please advise if it can be fixed. Thanks so much Danny
Velodyne Model DD15BGREF Serial# 670951040
Rumbling noise and distortion.
(1) Defenitive Technology BP2004 and (2) O-LFO22
no sound no power
(1) Marantz 1120 #9832, (1) Sansui Z-7000X #823060173, (1) Crown D150 #16060, (1) Tandberg 10XD #2376773
Tandberg - transport Marantz - one channel Sansui - one channel Crown - check
(1) Sunfire TSS amp (2) Velodyne CT100 amps
Sunfire True Subwoofer Signature amp ser. 98031000176- volume pot is bad, maybe more... Small Velodyne CT-100 amp ser. 59174583- bought recently on ebay. DOA....no sound. Was listed as working. Large Velodyne CT-100 amp ser. 59229766- was working fine, was using line in and out to main amp for right front spkr...one night it started humming louder and louder. Equipment is upstairs so time it took to figure out what was going on, it was too late after powerdown. All I can figure is that there might have been too much from marantz avp7702 pre-out in bass setting in tone control. Not sure if that is even possible though as left front has same setup with another CT-100 and its fine. Maybe it was just time for a failure. Please advise on that. Return shipping label inside box. 15% discount per unit per our email discussion.
(1)Velodyne HGS10BGII Serial # 62144007 (2)Velodyne HGS10BGII Serial # 62144009
One has a humming sound,popping and crackling. Other one has very loud popping and crackling sounds as well.
(2) 450MCX 12599080042 and 126 990 80042
Bias off,recapped,and power cord replaced on both if not original at 10 ft long,if those are factory power cords only one need be replaced that has a cut in the insulation near the back of the amp
(2) Adcom GFA-555 GFA-555II (up to 10 weeks turn around time)
I have 2 units One unit no output on both L/R channel.One unit no output on one channel. One unit output is intermittently jumping up and down on volume and looses fidelity.
(2) Adcom GFA-565 # 051216200, # 0512216254
Working fine. Concerned about capacitor problem in future. Also want them updated with latest technology to improve them. I live @ 2 hrs drive from you. Would be will to drop them off with you and pick them up when ready.
(2)BW DM605 plate amps
Is There A discount for both of them? Distortion, crackling intermittent power
(2)SpeakerCraft MRA664 (1)F8572E013F9F] (1) F8572E013BDA
One that doesn't power up can't be seen with by the ethernet. Ports don't light up. The other was previously repaired by EBC order #6992 on 11/15/21. It can't be seen with the ethernet. The ports don't light up, either. I would like to see if we and get these repaired ASAP if possible
(3) units Sunfire HRS-10
All three units humming
(Brand) REL Acoustics (Model#) R-328 (Serial#) R-30301312 w 1Y warranty
Will not turn ON, i checked the fuse on the fuse compartment, replaced the fuse with same rating fuse but still when you turn the ON switch nothing happens? Do you repair this model REL Acoustics R-328 Amplifier Plate? I YES i would like to have my REL R-328 Amplifier Plate serviced and/or repaired. Please kindly advise as to shall i do next? Thanks.
(SunFire SubWoofer's) (Hrs-8 S#07091500110) (2) True Subwoofer MKII (S#9710707119) (S#9710707092)
Hello, These subwoofers have multiple issues, is there a possibility of scheduling a call to talk about repairs?
1 HRS12 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS12 A07-12170149 HUMS1 HRS10 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS10 D07 15460114 DEAD1 HRS12 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS12 A07 12170143 HUMS
1 HRS12 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS12 A07-12170149 HUMS 1 HRS10 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS10 D07 15460114 DEAD 1 HRS12 AMPLIFIER SN: HRS12 A07 12170143 HUMS
1 martin logan descent plate amp
does not work
1 piece Velodyne SPL10BV amp plate, #630831025 build on Mar 24,2003 and 1 piece Velodyne SPL12BV amp plate #630421008 build on Feb 11, 2003
SPL10BV amp plate crackling sound with very low distorted volume and SPL12BV amp plate no sound
1 velodyne hgs 10 sub amp plate, 1 velodyne hgs 12 sub amp plate
all three amps don't work
1-468-721-11 Power Supply Board Repair Service
Dead Board
1-468-721-11 Power Supply Board Repair Service
There was a loud pop sound and the TV picture went out. The sound still works. IC 13 bad, C25 burnt, R356-359 burnt, Q6 bad, R352-355 burnt. There may be more but I am not sure since I dont have a schemadic and cant follow it back any further.
1-468-721-11 Power Supply Board Repair Service
Of the two power supplies I sent you, the original one made a loud bang and tv went dead. The other one works, but has a green tint in the left top corner of the picture,(?)it works better on some channels but is usually very grainy during commercials(?)As per our agreement, please fix the best one(?) and send back one to me for $50.00. Thank you!
1-468-721-11 Power Supply Board Repair Service
As describe above
1-468-721-11 Power Supply Board Repair Service
Unit comes on with sound for a few seconds, than nothing. I think my board says 1-468-721-1, not 11?
1. Hafler DH 110 preamp s/n 88028252. Hafler DH 120 power amp s/n 1403940233. Hafler DH 120 power amp s/n 140794003
this preamp unit has no left channel output. power amp 140394023has a blinking power switch (indicates overheating?) power amp 140794003 has static in the output, do not know which channel
1. Velodyne FSR18BV #592290052. Velodyne FSR 18BV #59007017
1. Dead, just stopped working 2. Loud pop initially , now will power on work for brief time—- a minute or two then starts with a very loud humming sound. Both of these amps are replacement amps from Velodyne back when they use to make them,and once again they both essentially quit.
12191 Infinity IL120S
No power
12768 Acoustic research AR1 amplifier
Blows fuse
12961 Infinity Modulus
Powers up no signal
12979 phase technology amp
Blowing fuse
13114 Velodyne SPL12RBG 1024
No power
13139 CS8060 1pc
Check all
13174 Velodyne SPL #61289099
DC at speaker terminal
13200 Polk Audio AMP50506636
Low output
13223 BP7002 amp 07647
Shuts down after
13234 Paradigm DSP-3200 V.2 22470
no power
13328 Martin Logan Dynamo 0342
High pitch sound. No output
13338 Sunfire HRS 10 70054
13339 Klipsch SPL 150
Powers on. No sound.
13371 JBL PRX615M P1081-01779
No power
13384 BW DB4S
no power
13387 BW ASW1000
Powers on No audio
15 ThumpA
Speaker come on but no sound comes out
1968 H.H.Scott Stereomaster 388-B SN 00454378
Using CD player and headphone to evaluate unit which I've own for 50 years. When plugged into the Extra input only one channel works. Plugged into Tape input both channels work but sound is dirty. Plugged into Phono input sound is dirty. FM works overall sound is booming. FM signal meter bottoms at 90% peaks to 100%. Loudness compensation not working. I recently installed all new LED lights. Unit looks like new and has been handled with care. Need quote and advice on whether it is worth restoring.
2 Adcom GFA-565 Repair Services
Hello, I will be shipping 2 GFA-565s to be serviced so I\'m assuming I should just double the price stated. They both have the leaky capacitors on the input boards & both had the distortion light on when powered up. I brought them to a local repair shop & explained the problem that these amps have but they were not able to repair. They may have replaced the caps on one or both but not sure if the boards were cleaned properly. I would rather have them replaced with the caps that you use on both anyway so that all of the parts are the same on both amps. One amp (serial ending with 583) has the wires to the input board spliced from removing it, if you could also fix that as well. On the same amp the wires to the LED lights on the front panel have been unplugged. I\'m not sure if anything was done to the other amp but they are both in nice cosmetic condition & should be worth fixing. Call me if you have any questions. Thank you, Jim. 941-627-6735
2 - Hafler DH500 amps #5001 #NA
Would like them "fixed up" new fans maybe, but problems were oft times click out on small loads. Clean, fix what needs fixing, want to keep as original as possible, they are a great amp... Would like to look into 'bridging' also.
2 Adcom GFA 565 Amps Repair Service
original boxes 004212795, and 007213321
2 Adcom GFA-565 Repair Services
TWO (2) units need repair: Serial numbers 007213885 and 007213888. Both have been in storage many years and now show high DC voltage at output terminals. They have a past history of blown 10-Ohm fusible resistors and Adcom #2A IC in the DC nulling circuitry. To the point where IC sockets were mounted on the boards! This was before we were aware of the leaking cap situation. You will note acoustical damping materila on the inside lid and heatsink fins. No other mods have been made.
2 amplifiers for Velodyne Minivee Subwoofer
This order is for repair of "2" velodyne MIniVee subwoofer amps which have the same issue in that when connected they produce a static sound instead of bass. I will need the repairs billed separately as the amp marked " E amp" was purchased from ebay and found to have the same issue as my previous subwoofer. Fortunately the seller was agreed to pay for repairs but I need to submit a repair invoice for cost and shipping.
2 crosovers NS-690
caps upgrade
2 Def tech amps with 1 input board and 1 transformer.
Buz, hum
2 each Velodyne, DD18MA, 672891004 and 672891005
Both speakers died suddenly about 12 weeks apart. No funny noises-they just stopped working. The Velodyne logo light for both speakers do come on with a signal.
2 Elf L10 tvs, Serial Numbers 51233957 and 50913928
TV 51233957 comes on but won't pick up signals TV 50913928 has sound but no picture
2 GFA 565
1 unit works has white noise when no audio is played 2 input board has leaky capacitors will supply new board
2 GFA-565 Repair Service
Ser ## 951212066 and 004-212249 at least one amp pops on shut down - and maybe start up? One does not produce sound at the speaker.
2 GFA-565 Repair Services
>one 565 works and the other has a slight > humm. the 565 was repaired from a so called electronic > speciality store. they were pathetic . i want it done perfectly without > scratches. please get in touch with me at 954.292.1600 i will fed exem to > you. > Andrew D.
2 GFA-565 spkr dc prot pcb installation
2 of GFA-565 speaker protection circuit installation
2 main pcb for PDI-P20LCDC Repair Service
First board - No Video
Second board - video jumps
2 of Adcom GFA-565 Repair Service
Tracking #'s: 1Z8V8Y840396177663 & 1Z8V8Y840396494678
Amp serial numbers: 004213146 & 004213172
2 of Adcom GFA-565 Repair Services
Sending in (2) Adcom GFA-565s both with damaged input boards. With fuses installed, there is sparking/arcs on the board of one of the units.
2 of Adcom GFA-565 Repair Services
I have two of these amps. One has no problems and runs cool. The problem amp always runs hot even after "repairs". It took about 1.5 years both times for the amp to begin to distort.
2 of GFA-565 Repair Services
2 of GFA-565 Repair Services
2 of Velodyne HGS12BJ and 1 Velodyne HGS10 Repair
2 pcs. Sunfire Eq-12 Amplifier module. serial nr. 07021041740. And L07091034864
Both have the same problem. No sound.
2 pcs. Sunfire EQ12 Subwoffer amplifier modules.S/N: 07021041740S/N: not pressent
Both amp modules blows the fuse.
2 pieces: 1- Sunfire True Subwoofer MKIi # 9707705498 2 -Sunfire True Subwoofer MKIV # 02032301046
The MKII has 60hz hum, thumps and makes popping sounds at low audio input levels. Sounds ok at louder source input levels. The MK IV has no hum yet but just makes the rapid popping sound at lower source levels, it sound ok at higher volumes too.
2 Rectifier/ power supply
I have two rectiiers they are for supplying power for telecom equipment.
2 Signature Sunfire 12 inch subwoofers. 1 Signature Sunfire 10 inch subwoofer
Needs to be rebuilt for $140 each--as agreed Will ship all 3 in 1 box
2 Sunfire True Subwoofer MKII amp boards Ser# 90719667, 20718183
No audio output & or buzzing, no audio input sensing
2 Velodyne HGS 18 plate amplifier #59246011 and #622971104
cracking sound and noise
2 Velodyne HGS18BGII 6209300B and 62126063
I have 2 Velodyne HGS18BGII Subwoofer Amps that need repair. One didn't work at all and the other was very noisy and inconsistent. Amp 1 - Ser# 6209300B Amp 2 - Ser# 62126063
2011 Panasonic TC-P50ST30
Black screen. No sound no image and blinking power red error light. Okay to call between 12:45pm to 13:15pm or anytime after 5:30pm.
2012ish Velodyne EQ-MAX 12 subwoofer amplifier
I had amp problems within 1st year and sent back to Velodyne to replace amp. Working great since then, but I recently noticed that no sound is coming out of the sub. However, the blue indicator light is on in front. Remote has no effect. My setup is this: output from preamp goes to sub onboard crossover, then its output goes to a separate amp and on to my main speakers. The main speakers work fine with this set up as of today, so I believe its the internal amp. I have tried power cycling. I changed the batteries in remote, but sub doesn't recognize it (it might be broken as well). I can ship entire sub or remove the amp and send w/ remote (I'm a MIT engineer, but do software ;-)) Shipping may have to wait for a week or so. Thanks, -jim
3 - L-10 Elf tv's by KTV Global Corp. Serial Numbers: 51233951, 50910623, 50912347
No power, No Sound, Wont change channels
3 ADCOM GFA 565’S #940210401. #951212051. #943210969
Cracking and popping when shut off .
3 Adcom GFA-585 repair services

3 of Cisco Catalyst 3500 internal power supply repairs
3 velodyne ampsDD+18EBG 703371008DD+10EBG 703201035DD+10EBG 703201036
Units don't power up or power on but no sound. All 3 packaged in the same box. Have not been tampered with at all. 1st time out of the cabinets.
300297855211 32FD9954 42FD9954 TV power supply board repair service
I was having the clicking and the not turning on problem.I did order the capacitors and did some moinor sodering (two capictors) but I could not make that work either. I am not a good electrician. I hooked up all 7 attachments to the power board afte taking it out and soldering the capactors,,,, nothing, no lights no clicking, no smoke, no nothing, it did have power to the board.
310432828901 power supply board repair service
I have a Philips 42PF9956 that seems to have a power supply problem, as it has just started smoking and two blue modules on the board appear to be overheating. the board is 310432828901.
Infared not working TV will not turn on.
37MF331d/37 Power Supply Board Repair Service
TV will not power up green blinking light. Power board has 1 capacitor that is puffed up on top.
37MF331d/37 Power Supply Board Repair Service
when you try to turn tv on the green led flashes, if you try for a while sometimes it will turn on.other times it wont
4 Adcom GFA-565 repair services
2 amps for repair - dead
2 amps for service/repair

4-Mackie SRS1500 #(21)DU13942, (21)DU15352, (21)DU15349, (21)DU13938
Amp goes into thermal overload with no load. Does not pass audio. All 4 amps stay muted all the time as if the thermal overload protection is stuck.
402VLZ4 Mackie
broken power socket
42FD9954 32FD9954 Philips plasma TV repair service/ Corrected: 42FD9954 power supply board repair service.
Classic red light, slow to turn on then not turning on.
42FD9954 plasma TV repair service
Protection- blinking red light
42FD9954 plasma TV repair service
Protection- blinking red light
42FD9954 power supply
Defective standby and p25v section
42FD9954 Power Supply Board Repair
When room temp is 73f wil click 4 to 5 clicks and then works. and when room temp below 70 red light flashes and goes out, and will come back when room temp rise and then will work with few clicks. I have opend the tv back panel and I could remove the power panel very easyly to mail it to you.
42FD9954 power supply repair service
When i turn the TV on, the light is red. then i turn it on with th remote control, the light becomes green and then have a couple clicking from some relays and then another one and the light is flashing red. i did try to replace the IC but the problem persisted. I don't know where to go from there. Let me know what happens with your tests.
42FD9954 power supply repair service + service call
Blinking red LED- protection mode.
42FD9954 Sustain Board Repair Service
The TV is 'better', before it wouldn't even stay in standby mode. Now it at least has a red light when it is plugged in. As we discussed, when I turn it on with the remote, the light goes green and after about six or seven seconds, there are two relay clicks and it powers down. The red light flashes quickly, continuously. As you stated, I double checked all the connections and reseated each, including the itty bitty ribbon cable. I shipped both sustain boards to you about an hour ago via UPS. Hopefully, that will be it! The tracking number is 1Z6E97A10374740456. Let me know what I will owe you and I'll go back to your website and take care of it.
42PF7320 power supply
My TV is turning off after 5 minutes or so...It makes clicking & popping noises with picture break up before cutting out....It then clicks on and off continuely with no picture & then a red light started flasing....It would not turn back on from this point without unplugging the TV from the wall....The same cycle would then start all over again... Thanks, Jeff
42PF9431D/37 power supply board repair service
Green light goes off, red light flashes seven times
450MCX 12599080042 and 126 990 80042
Bias off,recapped,and power cord replaced on both if not original at 10 ft long,if those are factory power cords only one need be replaced that has a cut in the insulation near the back of the amp
47pf15422d/37 ADPF24350R1P power supply board Repair Service
Blows fuse
47pf15422d/37 ADPF24350R1P power supply board Repair Service
TV suddenly went off-no picture or sound. Audible chirping will not power on
47pf15422d/37 ADPF24350R1P power supply board Repair Service
sorry had to re dow every thing power supply quit working thats what they said at the shop. tried to fix it changed a cappassider i think the sodder dint take got the stand by blinken now and herd speaker come on thats it. the magnet broke around the transformer glued it to getter it might need replaced man i mis my tv thank you
47pf15422d/37 ADPF24350R1P power supply board Repair Service
Power supply from Magnavox 47MF437B. No picture or sound and was making a chirping sound from power supply. I touched the aluminum plate on top of supply and I got shocked! Also it looks like the transformer has solder that has got hot and melted. Thanks
47PFL5422d/37 ADPF24350R1P power supply board Repair Service
50 inch Samsung Plasma TV HP-T5054 B3383CNP405844X
No sound
50FP9431D/37 Repair Service
TV will not power up. I unplugged it over nite and it still will not start up. The "Power On" led on the bottom front left corner of the tv flashes red 6 times. Any day/ time is fine for service.
50PF7321D power supply board Repair Service
The TV doesnt power on at all, no glowing light, no display, no sound, no crackling, nothing, neither using the remote nor manual power switch. Self diagnosed via web searches as power supply issue.
50PF9431D Power Supply Board Repair Service
TV powers up, goes black after a few seconds with blinking red light.
544 wurlitzer amplifier
no sound
60 Mitsubishi DLP Repair Service
DLP engene
7 Sunfire Subwoofer Plate Amplifiers Repair Service
Sunfire True Subwoofer Super Junior TSSJ8-D02-09451263 01102400631 03082405607 True Subwoofer Junior 00091403381 00121404017 True Subwoofer Architectural 00021600549 True Subwoofer Architectural Signature 00041700044 All are dead or hum a lot
A7 Adam amplifier
Pink Noise
AB International, Precedent Series 1100A
Channel two not working, no output. I am local, can drop off and pick up.
Accom GFP-555
Signal issues
Accoustic Research AR1 Speaker Amp
Last Spring you fixed one of my subwoofer amps and now there is no power lighting up the power light in the other sub amp. It is nearly 20 years old, I assume that is the age these things start acting up?
Accuphase P-300 Power amplifier
Paul, Finally find the real problem of the P-300. It go to protection mode when the volume is turned up
Accuphase P-300 Power amplifier #DtU351
Have very large noise when power on. The power meter showing a large power output.
ACI Titan Subwoofer plate amplifier (made by Triad Audio for ACI which was based out of Lacrosse, WI)
The amp started humming loudly one day. Nothing changed, Internal hum, not a grounding issue. I thought it was a failed capacitor so I replaced both with Nichicon of same value. Hum is gone but amp not working. Might be outside of my pay grade. No schematics available. ACI out of business. I have reached out to Triad but have not heard back yet.
Acom GTP-600 Repair Service
Hello Warren, Usually there is no problem with adjustment but gtp-600s have problem with power supply and good idea to replace bridge rectifiers and capacitors in power supply module and inspect/resolder for soldering joints at main board. Total with power socket and other things will be about $120. Thanks, Paul.
Acostic Research AR-1 #A100931R
Buzzing Noise when switched on
Acoustic Research AR 315 HO
The internal Carver Sunfire amplifier for the subwoofer just hums. It changes pitch by adjusting the gain.
Acoustic Research AR-1 amplifiers 2pcs
One of the speakers produces a loud hum upon power up and the other blows it’s main fuse when it’s first turned on.
Acoustic Research AR-1 s/n B100326 L
Amp will not turn on. Indicator light not on and no audible pop sound when flipping the switch to on/off.
Acoustic Research AR1 High Output. Sunfire amp repair
The subwoofer amp lights up green with no signal (should be red with no signal), there is no turn-on thump, there is no output to woofer.
Acoustic Research AR1 sub woofer amp (Sunfire) S/N A100818R
Distorted low frequency sound. Thought it was the speaker (15") at first but it checked out OK.
Acoustic Research AR1 subwoofer amplifier #B100279L
Output distortion.
Acoustic Research ARPR1212 subwoofer amplifierSerial number 1310210796
Works but there is a hum.
Acoustic Research Hi Res AR1 #B100453L
There is a rattle in the sub even at very low volume. When I hook up the woofer directly it sounds ok.
Acoustic Research Hi-Res AR1 500W Sunfire Subwoofer Amplifier Serial #A100321R
Unit failed. I would also like the level control potentiometer replaced to match the knob on the amp that I sent in about 6 years ago. I can send a photo of the (grey) knob if needed. Please let me know. Thank you
Acoustic Research Hi-Res AR1 Sunfire amplifier Estimate-Based Repair Service
Bought this unit used. Not sure if it works. Please test and repair if necessary. Thank you
Acoustic Research Hi-RES AR5 #A-100250-L
The Sunfire Subwoofer has poor sound quality indicating probably issues with capacitors. I assume I would remove and ship only the Sunfire Subwoofer plate amplifier for the service?
Acoustic Research loudspeakers. Model AR58s.
I've had these speakers since the early 1980s. I was wondering if it would be worth it to have them re-capped as the capacitors are going on 40 years old. They still sound great as they are, so it's possible I should just leave them alone. Would you be interested in re-capping them? Thanks.
Acoustic Research P315HO #A0001142
Distortion from the subwoofer. Swapped in a known good speaker, problem persists. Sending you the plate amp.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 2 Amplifiers
I am sending in 2 of these amplifiers, service to cost $300+Shipping for both per email from Paul on 12/23/2015. One amp is causing a buzzing/humming in its woofer, while the other amp is producing distorted/garbled sound from its woofer.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
The amp blows fuses as soon as I plug it in.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Humming sound from subwoofer when AMP is powered on. The subwoofer does not appear to work when music is being played or if it is working it is hard to tell due to the humming sound.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Indicate light is not no and No output sound came out from the woofer speaker.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Unit made a loud humming noise and lost audio.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
For a long time the unit had small buzz when first turned on but would fade after several minutes. After that, it would distort very low frequencies on loud passages. This condition lasted for over a year and I did not bother with repair. Now there is a very loud hum when the amp is turned on that does not fade. In fact, it is so loud I am afraid to keep the switch turned on. The other speaker shows no signs of failure and so I've decided to send only this one in for repair.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Bent Face Plate Broken plastic enclosure
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
One channel is not working It does power up.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
This subwoofer amp doesn’t work at all. I’ve replaced the fuse on the AC Input module twice and both times it blew. My other speaker works but distorts terribly, crackles and hums sometimes. Prefer to fix one at a time. Thank you! Rich
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
S/N A100158L. the unit is making noise intermittent.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
S/N A100200R. this amp also making noise intermittent.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Left speaker, buzzing when powered on.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier
Poping noise.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Strong hum when power button is turned on. No hum, when power button is off. Aside from the hum, speaker functions properly.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Static sound no other sound. I am sending 2 amplfiers
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier 2pcs
Neither one of the 15inch woofers on my AR1\'s will put out any sound. I am sending BOTH Sunfire Amps to you for Repair. I understand that the charge of $175 is for EACH one. Feel free to contact me by e-mail or phone. Thank you! Rich Catalano Serial Numbers: 2250100055 2250100089
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifier 2pcs
I've owned a pair of these speakers both with a 500w built-in powered subwoofer for over 17 years. Recently, within a month, both subwoofers no longer power on. I pulled both amps and replaced the faulty 250v/5amp fuse in both and immediately new fuses blew upon powering on. I believe age has worn down some of the outputs as the speakers have not otherwise been damaged. However, I did note some popping from the right subwoofer a week before it stopped powering on. Also, a few of the cylinders looking nodes on the panel look misshaped. Could you also inspect the components for any looming issues. Thank you. Respectfully, Jeremy
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR1 Amplifiers 2 pcs
There is humming and distortion from the built in subwoofer. Issue in powered mode only... I have this problem for both left and right speaker, and will send both...do they need different order numbers?.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR315 Amplifier
No subwoofer output. Input resistors on the subwoofer amp are visibly burned up, but no further investigation has been done.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR315 Amplifier
This is the P315HO s/n B0001046 amplifier backplate. The amp takes about 30 seconds and making popping noise when it turning on too.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR315 Amplifier
Amplifier keeps blowing fuses. This is on a Sunfire amp in an AR1 Hi Res, which was the next generation after the P315HO.
Acoustic Research Sunfire AR315 Amplifier (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
My AR 315 HO subwoofer got burned up from a strong bass song. The fuse got melted. But after I replaced the fuse. It got melted right away after I turned the power on. I have consulted Paul and he mentioned that it can be fixed. I am sending the unit out for a repair.
Acurus A-250 024674
Unit does not turn on, I checked the fuses.
Acurus A100x3
Loud ground hum and static/crackling through one channel
Acurus A100x3
not working
Acurus A150 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
acurus a150 has a thumping when powering down
Acurus A250 031961
One ch
Acurus ACT3
This is for an Acurus ACT-3 Preamp , not working properly
Acurus P10 #022013
60 cycle hum, looks like a blown/leaking cap
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
No stby voltage,dead,... resoldered a few "ringed out" connections... no help..
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
no power shorted fet
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
48282 will not power up the unit.
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
turned tv on made a pop sound and then had a electronic smell. I took apart and One of the chips on power board is burned, maybe more?
AD301M24 HAIER POWER SUPPLY Repair Service
Dead. Not even any stand by 5 volts present. Some bulged electrolytic capacitors (1000 uf) have been replaced which did not fix problem)
AD301M24-4N1 and KAS200-5S241812XL power supply modules repair service
AD301M24-4N1 power supply board Repair Service
Adam A7 speaker
bad switch
Adam A7 speaker
No power
Adam A7X
pow switch
Adcom GFP-565 #1098961
No sound from left channel.
Adcom - 5 x GFA 7000 MODULES
Adcom 5300
Loud hum from Left channel. Nothing coming out of either channel except the Left channel hum.
Adcom 5400
Unit does not power on and the fuse appears to be good.
Adcom 5500 amplifier
Slight amount of noise in right channel. I have had it since new and have not had any other issues that I know of. Of course I would let you tell me what it needs.
Adcom 555 and Marantz 3800
Power surge
Adcom 555 Estimate-Based Repair Service
distortion in bass frequencies
Adcom 555II
Right channel out, thermal protection light comes on intermittently
Adcom 565 SE serial # A565SEDBT0136
Left rail fuses blew out. replaced and blew again. from factory bad power switch, sometimes it fails to shut off. Paul, email invoice through paypal via my email address and my name...should pop right up and I will pay you in advance, so when done you can ship...thanks Andy
Adcom 5802
Left channel work perfect no sound out of right channel.
ADCOM 585 limited edition #1149
Doesn’t have the two plugs for connection on the back says unbalanced power left and right. Doesn’t have the red connector for some reason almost like a mono block Also any upgrades such as a fan or anything else. Please call me with any questions. Greg
Adcom 7500 5 channel 150 watts for each channel.
My amp needs a power switch. anit has 1 dead channel 4 out of the 5 seem to be fine. If it's at all possible please give me a worst case cost on that repair. Thank You Brian Kerns
ADCOM 7607 SN A7607DCS0123
Center channel out, Left Front out, Rear Back noise (hum)
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer
The Amplifier power outlets tend to stay engaged and remain on when they should be turned off. The relay problem is intermittent but frequent enough to reproduce pretty easily. One outlet does not seem to be any more reliable than the other although I have never tested them at the same time to see if both outlets stick on at the same time. The have always turned on the outlets just not off. Accessory outlets appear to work fine and trigger with appropriate delay.
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer
Fails to power-down amplifiers outlet.
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer
Want gone through to ensure proper operation as I am having you service my GTA 555 Amp and my GTP 500 Receiver/Preamp
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer
Amplifier power activated even with unit turned off
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer
Bought this unit used for a good price on eBay. It is in excellent cosmetic condition, but with certain Unexpected defects. It was stated to be in good operational state, but other than the lone working unswitched outlet, all the other outlets don’t power on at all. Power switch I presume is not working. Front panel LEDs also don’t light up as well. Most 515 conditioners (whether square or round power switches), have a circuit breaker in the rear panel, while this unit is fitted with a fuse. Can a circuit breaker be retrofitted into this unit and if so, how much of an additional cost. Is the current turn around time still 5 weeks or so? Thanks! Regards, Albert
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Adcom ACE 515 AC enhancer (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Adcom ACE-615 AC enhancer Repair Service
switched outlets not kicking in. before unit stopped working, delay was much longer than factory specs
Adcom Amplifier Repair
ADCOM GCA-510, #A51100294
Unit has one channel that cuts out. Would not mind a complete once over with any upgrades that might be possible; eg. upgraded power supply/power cable, binding posts, etc. Please advise.
Adcom GCD 575
fires up but will not play correctly.
Adcom GCD 575 S/N 84504691 October 1988
Unit plays for a short time then begins to skip then plays very distorted.
Adcom GCD 575 serial no 03316421 Repair Service
Skips. Usually a second or two. Almost always skips forward (ie, I don\'t think I\'ve heard it skip backwards). This is a recent problem - it has had very little use over the past 10 years. When I started using it again recently it worked well for a couple months (it might have had trouble finding the beginning on very full discs, but otherwise well). Then it began the skipping, and that got worse and worse very quickly/ FYI - I have the original packaging - does that affect how I ship the unit? That\'s it Paul
Adcom GCD 750
No audio output all other functions work
Adcom GCD 750
No sound.
Adcom GCD – 750
The amber display on the player cd player abruptly quit. Surprising as the unit has only been used sparingly over the past year. Likely no more than 12 times. Display quit. No more illumination. Additionally, the power switch is also very buggy right now. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. All of the control buttons seem “spongy” or soft, as if they’re not quite making a solid contact. That appears to be all that is wrong, but while you have it there, would you please run your diagnostic skills on it. Thank you very much!
Adcom GCD-575
Continuously skips tracks all over the place.
Adcom GCD-575
1. The belt for the tray is dry rotted and cracked. 2. The fixed output rca jacks are broken. The metal sleeves (ground sleeves? are missing)
Adcom GCD-575
When I open the CD drawer often it closes itself before I can put a CD in. Once the CD is in and indexed and ready to play, if I try to play say track 5 it goes back and plays the first track. Now it does not even do that, with the CD in the tray it makes a little sound like it is trying to "engage" the CD but it can't. I hope you can repair it because it is one of the few players with a volume control and that is a facility that I must have as I do not use a preamp.
Adcom GCD-575
Does not read disk. Gets error message.
Adcom GCD-575
1)After you press the OPEN/CLOSE button, the Tray Transport opens and then immediately closes with little time to place a CD in the tray. 2)When you press the PLAY button, the player does not play regardless of whether I press the button on the player or remote.
Adcom GCD-575
Prior problem skipping within tracks became not reading disks at all. Just checked it and unit now will not eject.
Adcom GCD-575
Trouble reading disk, skipping, etc
Adcom GCD-575 #03316167
Doesn't read the disc. Wont play music.
Adcom GCD-575 #82030282 Estimate-Based Repair Service
It does not read CDs, also it is missing an RCA cap in the back
Adcom GCD-575 (track skipping) Repair Service
started off skipping then wouldn't play tracks 1&2 now won't play at all. I like to keep this player if repairable. have GFA-545 & GTP-500 that still work fine. Also have GSP-560 that quit working.
Adcom GCD-575 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Unit was sounding a bit muddy (playing through Hafler preamp and DH-200 that I built in the 1980s into Celestion SL6 speakers), then began to skip mostly on track 1, and now has very attenuated audio output. Hope you can resuscitate it! Also, the amp has an occasional AC hum -- do you work on Hafler?
Adcom GCD-575 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Initial loading of disc won't read when first powered on. Takes numerous loads/unloads to work. Once "warm" it works. I prefer dropping off the unit instead of shipping it, if that's ok. Thank you!
Adcom GCD-575 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Unit will not play the CD. Does not sound like the disc starts rotating when inserted. If I let the unit 'warm up' by turning on and it letting sit for an extended period of time, the disc will start rotating when inserted and the unit operates normally. For reference: This unit was originally purchased in 1990. This unit was repaired once in 2000, but I don't remember if it was for the same issue.
Adcom GCD-575 Repair Service
Adcom GCD-575 Repair Service
Cd Does Not Play
adcom gcd-575 single disc CD player serial #84504568 manufactured october 1988audio visual equipment LT505421
powers up/turns on but will not read or play disc. it also has one broken rca jack (left chanel) on the variable input I have original shipping box. i will ship unit double boxed. is there anything that should be done to unit before shipping? like imoblilize??
Adcom GCD-600
draw don\'t open..won\'t play
Adcom GCD-600
The unit will skip after a few songs. The disc platter needs to be lubricated. The random or shuffle feature isn\'t so random but this may be normal.
Adcom GCD-600
Door will not open/close. Door not opening so assuming will not close as well...
Adcom GCD-600
Drawer doesn’t open ,carousel noise,track skipping
Adcom GCD-600
Powers up and will accept and reject CD's in the changer, but will only play limited tracks and play is erratic.
Adcom GCD-600
laser pick-up problems, skips, drawer opens and closes on it's own. dos'ent read disc in certian positions on tray etc. Has'ent been cleaned or repaired sense I bought it. John
Adcom GCD-600
The CD player skips when playing a track. Happens regardless of the CD. CD platter drawer sometimes closes by itself after opening. Request checking the CD laser pick-up.
Adcom GCD-600
Unit 241026649 does not register CDs in player on start up. Skips when playing. Also remote receiver is intermittent with a thought to be good remote control.
Adcom GCD-600 #337020048 Manufactured 9/1993
Draw Will not open. Before this happened the player was very senitive to vibration and skip a lot.
Adcom GCD-600 #409022985
Unit doesn't work/track discs.
Adcom GCD-600 (up to 10 weeks turn around time)
Hello. When I would start up the player is use to search all open trays for a loaded CD and turn the buttion red when it found one. It quit doing that.
Adcom GCD-600 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Drawer will not open, unit will not play, i am the original owner
Adcom GCD-600 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Tray won’t open, CDs won’t play. I will ship this back with a return label included
Adcom GCD-600 and Adcom GFT-555
I have an Adcom five disc CD changer that skips all desks except for one and four and an Adcom tuner that no longer stays locked so it gives static.
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
I have ordered 2 repair services and I am packaging and shipping a GCD-600 and a GTP-500 II together in one box. My GCD-600 began skipping occasionally about a year ago and it has slowly been getting worse. Initially, the majority of the time CDs would skip at the beginning of a disc (track 1 or 2). It recently began skipping elsewhere too, although not on every disc, probably 1 disc in 4. I have used a laser cleaning disc and I’ve cleaned the laser by hand (alcohol and Q-tip) but it did not help. I was very gentle and careful, but it actually seems to be even worse now. Occasionally after a disc finishes playing and the player advances to the next disc, the tray will advance past a disc as if there were no other discs loaded. Also, it will now sometimes stop at a disc, attempt to load several times and then stop and do nothing (I believe I am hearing the arm/laser move into position and back out again several times). There is another problem that has been happening intermittently almost since new. After pushing the close button to load a disc, the tray will close and spin as usual but when the tray stops the LCD display does not show the number of tracks and the total disc time as usual (just \"1 01 : \") and none of the buttons work. The play button, the 1-5 disc selection buttons, the 1-10 track selection buttons etc do nothing. The open/close button usually doesn’t work for the first few pushes either, but after several pushes eventually the tray will open. Typically when I close the tray again the second time, everything will work fine; the disc will load correctly, show the correct display and the buttons will function normally again. Turning the power off and on again will also typically correct the problem. Note: I made one internal modification a few years ago that I should explain. When closing the tray, it would slide in then immediately pop open again. I figured out that there was a switch inside that controlled that, and it appeared that the tray was not contacting the switch enough. Seeing no way to adjust it, I used a piece of shrink tubing over the arm of the switch to act as a shim so it would contact the tray sooner. I have not had any trouble with the tray popping open since, but I thought I should mention it in case there is a possibility that it may have something to do with any of the other problems.
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
plays and skips certain cd\'s, also either the remote or player sensor not good.
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
Tray won\'t open and while CD player recognizes that there are 5 CD\'s in player, and tray will shift to desired CD, the CD\'s won\'t play.
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
My Adcom GCD-600 suddenly no longer produces sound. It opens, closes and loads CD\'s and the counter works when I press play. The remote which I rarely use also works. The unit is part of an Adcom System; GFA-555II, GFP-555II, GFT-555II and GFS-6 Speaker Selector. The remainder of the system is working well. I have checked all the connections and everything is in place
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
Drawer does not open. CD does not play. Unit has not been serviced since we bought it in 1992.
Adcom GCD-600 Repair Service
after about twenty mim. or less play begins to distort.
Adcom GCD-700 #6547
lights only. no other functions
Adcom GCD-700 CD player
Hello Paul, My player starts skipping after about 1/2 hour of play on all slots. Thanks in advance for your help. Tim
Adcom GCD-700 CD player
No power, has not been used for some time.
Adcom GCD-700 CD player
Drawer does not function
Adcom GCD-700 CD player
drawer wont open
Adcom GCD-700 CD player
The carousel draw will not open and there are CDs loose inside. Prior to the draw jamming shut the carousel mechanism was making grinding noises. It has also been known to skip while playing.
Adcom GCD-700 CD player (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Unit will not power up.
Adcom GCD-700 CD player (up to 6 weeks turn around time)
Hi, here are the issues in order of severity: 1. CD tracks will skip, not all the time, but I am too frequently opening the drawer, spinning the disk or moving the disk to a different slot in hopes of eliminating the skipping. 2. I'll push the close button, and the drawer will hang up and I have to manually help it close. 3. The drawer will be open, and will close on its own, meaning I didn't push the play or close button. Those are the big issues. The carousel and drawer will make a little bit of noise; not sure if that is normal or a symptom of an issue. FYI - I will be overseas from 2/21 through 3/22 but I will be checking email if you need to communicate with me. Thank you. Paul
Adcom GCD-700 CD player Repair Service
* Drawer will not open, or disc tray rotate * Occasionally disc will not load - player will skip to next disc in sequence * Occasionally a disc will skip a few seconds * Unit Serial Number: CD7LFB12889
Adcom GCD-700 CD player Repair Service
1. loud buss coming out through audio both channels. 2. tray extremely noisy.
Adcom GCD-700 CD player Repair Service
Player is tracking erratically and often will not play the last few minutes of a CD. Not good for opera buffs.
Adcom GCD-700 CD player Repair Service
I purchased the unit knowing the analog audio output is not working. Please check the unit over. The box contain player, owners manual and remote. Thanks, Bill
Adcom GCD-700 player
hum during play
Adcom GCD-700 player
bad display
Adcom GCD-700 Repair Service
tray will not open
Hi Paul, I'm back for some repairs yet again to my GCD-750 cd player. Sadly, I have used it only lightly since getting it back last November, just under a year. The problem this time; despite all the functions appearing to work, the disc spinning and the readout indicating the proper track and time as it plays, there's no sound out. I switched cables from a working player to the GCD-750, no change. I then switched to a different input on the back of the pre-amp, no change, still no sound. I've also noticed the brass toggle switch is "soft" sometimes it engages, sometimes it doesn't. In fact, all the front panel buttons feel soft. I love this player, could you possibly upgrade some of the internal components? Test for other components that might be close to failing. I was thinking about modifications to give it more life and possibly enhanced sound. Does any of this sound doable: Replace the decoupling caps with larger value metallized film caps. Add Sanyo Os-Con SVPG decoupling caps to the +5v, -5V, and -15v. Replace the original output coupling caps. Replace the original output transistors. I just want to make this player last as long as possible. Thank you very much!! Doug
Adcom GCD-750
I have owned this cd player for the last twelve years and it has performed beautifully. I had it connected with xlr cables to a SONY preamp. It sat for a while and I recently switched it to rca connectors for a different system. The problem is that now there is no sound. It seems to power up OK and the laser is reading cds. The toggle on switch has always been sensitive, so I typically used the remote to turn it on. I am thinking it may have taken a power surge or something, although I had it connected to an adcom power conditioner. I would like to send it to you for an evaluation and estimate. I have the original packaging. Thank you.
Adcom GCD-750
No sound when playing cd. I have hooked up cd player to three different systems to check it but no sound.
Adcom GCD-750 #04041 08 06
On occasion there is no sound, but display shows tracking and playing. After leaving for a day or so (or perhaps unplugging and replugging, I'm not sure) then works fine. Recently, started skipping on first and last tracks on certain CD's. Now skipping pretty much everywhere. Side note - I bought some new carpet and I am getting a lot of static build up, this unit was on the receiving end a couple of times.
Adcom GCD-750 #CDZ50DRSV014
Power supply appears to be loose. When powered on and with CD in closed tray, player does not recognize CD is loaded
ADCOM GCD-750 CD PlayerADCOM GCD-700 5 Disc CD Player
The GCD-750 has a few issues. Most notably, it simply won't read/play a disc or it jumps into the disc a few tracks and hangs up. I keep my CDs in clean, pristine shape. Not home burned discs, major labels (2500+). Then sporadically it might begin to play, but the signal was barely audible. I thought it might be loose/bad cables or possibly the pre-amp (a GFP-750). But swapping an inexpensive Sony player into the same CD input with the same cables and the sound was fine. Prior to this issue, the player would occasionally skip a track. After a thorough disc cleaning, it would be ok for 20-30 minutes then skip or stop. On another odd issue, the lamp inside the player’s lcd readout quit years back, I had it repaired through an Adcom certified dealer, Tune Street in Great Barrington, MA, but when it was returned, rather than the amber/yellow light they put in a blue-ish/white light. Is it possible to return to factory light? -- The GCD-700 has similar problems as the GCD-750. It has consistent difficulty starting/playing CDs after advancing 1 disc to the next. For instance; Disc 2 ends – the player advances to Disc 3 successfully then stops at the instant it should play. This has been happening for months now. Just weeks ago the player developed an output issue where the signal from one channel was virtually dead, the other I believe is ok. When the player works, it’s a great 5 disc player, but the past 6 months it’s been useless. -- Panamax MAX 5510 PRO ACRegenerator has a damaged power button. This is 1 of 2 units I have, the 2nd still works flawlessly. The unit for repair new in the box for 5 years before being used. It was used very lightly from 2012 to 2014. It never took any surges or hits. However, a very heavy handed “house sitter” was trying to turn the unit off (despite already being off) as the meters were illuminated but the unit was off. The power switch works on a delay, but the button must have been repeatedly jammed in. Something broke and now it won’t engage and remain on to power on the components. I can email the PDF of the manual if helpful. The power button does have a trick to it when working, now it’s just a spongy, broken button. -- That’s it. If you’d like any additional details call or email anytime. Thank you very much! Doug
Adcom GCD-750 CD01DB02583
Will not play discs. Display works but orange illumination light is out.
ADCOM GCD575 # 15217879
CD tray malfunctions, at times opens and closes inappropriately Cost estimate if possible would be appreciated
Adcom GCD575 #81901806
The problem is weak audio, both channels. The cd mechanism seems to work fine
Adcom GCD600
Skips badly. Sometimes won't skip disc I mentioned I had two of these units. The other is at our summer home in Michigan. If the repair on this unit is successful, I'll send the other when I return to Michigan.
Adcom GCD600
grinds when turned on while carousel rotating. skips and will not play correctly intermittent play, grinding noise at start is consistent.
Adcom GCD600 1440
Adcom gcd750 cdo1db00180
Static in audio also toggle on off switch acting up weird things going on. I use two remotes to avoid toggle main problem static in audio
Adcom GDA 700 #da71db00559
Unit stopped working. Looks like it's getting power but no output.
Adcom GDA-600 dac
I replaced stock opamps with Burr-Brown opa627's mounted on browndog adapters. Right channel works fine, No output left channel..installed a second new opamp in the left channel, still no output. Nothing else on the output board was changed/altered. Hoping it is something relatively simple.
Adcom GDA-600DA6DB00227
Static noice
Adcom GDA-700
Making noises, vibrating.
Adcom GDA-700 Estimate-Based Repair Service
I have a GDA 700 that makes clicking sounds and loses the digital signal for a few seconds. The \"sampling rate\" led indicator on the fron panel goes out when the signal drops out. It happens with a source from any of the inputs (balanced, optical or coax). Sometimes it works for a few minutes, but eventually it drops the signal repeatedly.
Adcom GDA-700 Repair Service
I have a unit that had no output and, took it to a Mom&Pop repair shop and, They told me they couldn't fix because it needed a switch! Well, I picked it up today and, it's still doing the same thing minus the Phase switch (S300)! I found you via an Internet search and, Was wondering if you had this switch and, could repair this unit? At this very moment, I have no idea what's wrong with it and, Beleave they didn't either! Your my last hope for this unit! Please let me know! Thank's
Tray won’t open. Disc still inside. Won’t read or spin disc.
Adcom GDV -870 #DV870dcs0173
no signal from HDMI port, sound does not work out of the left and right audio outputs picture from component video output is poor in quality. Dvd tray sticks sometime.
Adcom GDV-850
Front panel LED display doesn\'t work. Reads CD\'s fine but won\'t read DVD\'s. Though it will occasionally read a DVD after manually resetting.
Adcom GDV-870 Repair Service
Adcom GDV-870 Repair Service
Paul, Replace laser drive mechanism and test. Thanks for taking care of this repair for me. It is nice to know that there are still some good and fair people to deal with. Regards, Peter
adcom GFA
Adcom GFA 1A
Lots of noise And needs cleaning
Adcom GFA 1A
Adcom GFA 5300 s/n A531fb02806, Made in Jan, 1996.
I hear a thump and a buzz in my speakers when I turn it on. Also hear distortion when I turn up the volume.
Adcom GFA 5400 ampA541FB 07032
no output left
ADCOM GFA 545 Serial No 334120
One Channel Scratchy and distorted
Adcom GFA 5500
low bass response. dc offset and bias look good though. anyway you can tell if it needs new caps or transistors?
Adcom GFA 5500 No serial on the back...
Needs overhaul. Caps are lumpy. Please change caps and big caps. Also, look over and change whatever you think is bad or failure prone. If anything serious or you have upgrade/mod recommendations, please call me at: 917-613-5433. Thanks! Paul Bento your email: Hello Paul, $225 caps on the amp boards and small power supply caps add $200 if you want to replace 4 big power supply capacitors plus shipping
Adcom GFA 555 2 pcs
#1 no output #2 works, needs new RCA jacks and fuse holder
Adcom GFA 555 II #106404851
I tried to check the bias and arced one of the test pins to one of the output transistors. Left channel is out. I then proceeded to crossthtread and ruin the associated fuse holder. This was a good working unit before I messed with it. I won't be touching it again.
Adcom GFA 555II and Adcom GTP 565
Left ch
Adcom GFA 555II serial 409021701
Right channel gone. High current light always on for right channel. Thank you in advance for the help!
Adcom GFA 565 #6377
Adcom gfa 565se
left channel is dead. Left rail fuses blew. Replaced with right rail fuses, blew again.
Adcom GFA 5800 A58 00275
Amp functions, however it gets hotter than it used to on the sides, particularly the right side (as you face the amp from the front). I don't think one of the fans is turning on. Otherwise, it's simply older and sat for a long time before going back into use a couple months back.
Adcom GFA 5802
Left channel blows both fusses on power supply board. I am third or forth owner of this amp, its in great shape and I really would like it repaired, don't care about cost, I have another I have had since new. You are my last hope.
Adcom GFA 5802 #05333, TEAC PD555 403220, Marantz CD5004 4008416
CD players- CDs either stopped working or skipping GFA - cat sprayed
Adcom GFA 585
right channel channel distortion light on will drop off!!
Adcom GFA 585 #044300655
DC offset, Right side = 1.5 VDC left is .82 VDC Very bad hum when turned on. Can be eliminated by bonding the preamp to the amp.
Adcom GFA 585 LE # 035300284Adcom GFP 565 # AC14056
The GFA 585 stopped working years ago. May have Circuit Board Problems from what I’ve read. The GFP 565 many years afterwards. They both powered up but no sound.
Adcom GFA 7000 # A70LFB01711 Repair and caps upgrade
When two channels are conected to the spikers there is a humming noise. The spikers are good when they are conected to the other spiker outlets
Adcom GFA-1A #004811 Estimate-Based Repair Service
The B channel has low gain and distortion. As you mentioned in your email response to my follow up question, \"... does that price ($150.00) cover an overall recondition of the amp?\" \"Second channel also will be checked and all electrolytic capacitors and overheated parts replaced.\"
Adcom GFA-1A #004811 Repair Service
This is a unit that you repaired (bad channel, replaced caps) about a year or two ago. It now has an intermittent oscillation on Channel A. It starts as a clicking noise, then gradually increases in frequency to about 1 or 2 kHz, then stops. After a while it repeats. This happens by just applying power, with no inputs plugged in.
Adcom GFA-1A #4815 GFP-1A #028596 Nakamichi MB3S #16933
GFA-1A- pops GFP-1A- Input sw Nakamichi - stuck in CD changing
Adcom GFA-2535 Repair Service
Blows main fuse
Adcom GFA-5300
Right channel out Left Channel volume varies Love it when it was working
Adcom GFA-5300 NAD7140 EMB1000
GFA- 1ch is out NAD 1 ch out SUb not working
Adcom GFA-5300 Repair Service
Right channel output light is always brighter than left. Sound out of right channel is distorted especially in low frequencies.
Adcom GFA-535
Customer would like the unit tested and refreshed. The amplifier and preamp that I am sending have been sitting unused for several years. He wants to use these now, so I suggested he have them freshened up. I am unaware of specific issues aside age on this unit.
Adcom GFA-535
bad channel
Adcom GFA-535 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
No sound from one channel. Need a general check up due to age. I'll drop off since I'm local.
Adcom GFA-535 and Adcom GFP-555
One channel stopped working.
Adcom GFA-535 II, #AP 14753136
No output- was working on L side when last we spoke. Now nothing.
Adcom GFA-535 II, s/n = AP19681224
After playing for a while the unit loses the output to one or both channels. I have found that if the power switch is turned off and then back on, the unit will operate normally.
Adcom GFA-535 ll # AP 30950419
No sound right channel
Adcom GFA-535 power amplifier
One ch out
Adcom GFA-535 Repair
One of the channels does not work
Adcom GFA-535 repair service
Right channel- static, noise, no sound.
Adcom GFA-535 Repair Service
One Channel of this power amp is distorted...I have removed the 5 amp fuse and 4 amp fuses... Hope you can fix it. It\'s a great amp
Adcom GFA-535 Repair Service and PS-12-180 Subwoofer Repair Service
GFA-535 Does not work at all
PS-12-180 No sound
Adcom GFA-535 ser# AA0383122 and Adcom GTP-400 tuner
When turning unit on only 1 channel works till it plays for a while and it cuts out while playing. Not sure if its the amp or pre amp that is the problem so I would like both checked. Thanks
Adcom GFA-535II #2403 Adcom GTP-400 #8231
Right ch is not working
Adcom GFA-535L
Have speakers in various rooms in the house and outdoors. It was working fine one day to all speakers selected and then the next time i tried to use it nothing. my stereo unit is a yamaha rx-397 and it still works fine. Just no sound to any speakers through the speaker selection box.
Adcom GFA-5400
peak distortion LED lights when unit is turn on...broken fuse socket holder...
Adcom GFA-5400
Intermittent channel outage, volume goes up and down, by itself, I suspect everything needs to be refurbished, its 20 years old
Adcom GFA-5400 #A541FB 11391Adcom GFP-710 #P711FB 01849
The Power amp seems to have issues in the left channel. There is electrolytic fluid spilling so most likely bad caps are the issue. The Preamp Has the left channel out inside the unit many of the caps look bad as well. Please repair and bring to factory specs or better! Thank you
Adcom GFA-5400 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
One of the channels is distorted, with the amber distortion alert LED active.
Adcom GFA-5400 Adcom GTP Niles speaker selector
Adcom GFA-5400 Repair Service
Right channel thermal overload indicator always on, no audio out from right channel.
Adcom GFA-5400 Repair Service
one side no sound and cover opened and i think it blow fuse too
Adcom GFA-5400 Repair Service
Dead (or almost dead) left channel
Adcom GFA-5400, Adcom GFA-535
The Adcom GFA-5400 went into thermal protection due to a sound spike and then after that the sound output is less than it was before. It works but volume is decreased. The Adcom GFA-535 has been blowing fuses in channel A and when I last pulled the right rca cable out it took the RCA jacks metal casing with it. As I live nearby, could I drop the units off directly and avoid shipping and handling?
Adcom GFA-545
Right channel out. Making crackling sound for several months before it actually went dead.
Adcom GFA-545
It makes a horrible sound through the speakers when powered up. It used to sound awesome.
Adcom GFA-545
Hums through speakers when on, but tuner is off. Replace RCA input and output posts. Check distortion, when connected to tuner there is a hiss when changing the volume and popping when changing inputs (e.g., tuner to TV/Video). Also, sending in the Tuner for separate service.
Adcom GFA-545
distortion on one side
Adcom GFA-545 #AD10108-713 Repair
Clip light one channel
Adcom GFA-545 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Right channel out
Adcom GFA-545 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Right channel out, needs cleaning; speaker plugs and screws
Adcom GFA-545 and Adcom GFP555
Right ch
Adcom GFA-545 and Adcom GTP-500
GFA-545 - left channel is not giving equal output to right. If we balance it the sound is murkier and not as clear. GTP-500 - left CD channel is burned. I was fishing an 1/8 TRS-->RCA through the wire mess and touched the tip to the red binding post on the amp. Note the amp displayed the same symptoms prior to this event. I re-fused both units. Symptoms are the same. Tested 545 by swapping physical speakers from L-R. Swapping inputs L-R, in each physical speaker position to eliminate the speaker, speaker placement, etc... Tested the 500 and it works on the other inputs, just the L CD input is out. I will ship both units in one 24*18*18 box.
Adcom GFA-545 II
Have a GFA-545 II. Son did a "bass test" on it and blew the input fuse. It was blackened and I'm told that indicates internal component damage as well. I replaced the input fuse and have determined he blew left channel.
Adcom GFA-545 II serial # A0009534-143
Doesn't power on. Fuse was blown, replacing fuse only causes new fuse to blow.
Adcom GFA-545 repair service
Adcom GFA-545 repair service
When powering down with no input signal, the amp "winds-up" (like a siren) and then belches distortion. Sounds like a vary large man passing gas.
Adcom GFA-545 Repair Service
Intermittent Right Channel and making annoying crackling sounds, suspect loose terminal connection on right channel. Left Channel not working/blown. No sound from left channel.
Adcom GFA-545 Repair Service
PURCHASED ON EBAY $250.51 ENTERPRISE DATA RESOURCES Seller: Member id ebcelectronics ( Feedback Score Of 94) Adcom GFA-565 repair service (300445261217) Paid on Jan-20-12 Price: $210.00, Qty: 1 $210.00 Estimated delivery: January 24 - January 30, 2012 UPS Ground $40.51 Message to ebcelectronics: GFA 545 II powers on no output to either channel.. need refurbishment as never serviced. thanks Subtotal: $210.00 Shipping & handling: $40.51 Total: $250.51
Adcom GFA-545&GTP-500II Repair Service
Amp does not appear to give output. Was hand-me-down from a friend. Emailed you already about this and you suggested I could also send along the GTA 555 preamp for testing. So both are being shipped. Thanks.
Adcom GFA-545II a0024417-351
Shorted one of the output leads, now it blows the main AC fuse on the back of the amp everytime it's turned on an played. Fuses inside are not blown, unit did smoke pretty badly when it happened, need it repaired ASAP, thanks!
Adcom GFA-545II Repair Service
> Hello, I have an Adcom GFA-545 amplifier that I'd like to have > repaired. I believe a line input power surge fro lightning took out > the input state, the power LED doesn't illuminate. Perhaps it's not > repairable but I liked it so much would pay for a diagnosis to find > out. Can I send it in for a check up?
Adcom GFA-5500
Channel has gone out
Adcom GFA-5500
Whenever it is on, it is very noisy (lots of loud popping and hissing sounds).
Adcom GFA-5500
Right channel distorted.
Adcom GFA-5500
distortion, especially in the high frequencies - especially the left channel
Adcom GFA-5500
Power light is on , have a thermal protection light on in right channel. let unit cool down for over 24 hours, still have power light on and thermal light on on right channel and power will not come on
Adcom GFA-5500
one channel has distortion and static joe pakola
Adcom GFA-5500 amplifier #01109
Right channel is not working, I was told it needs a \" board\".
Adcom GFA-5500 #10578
Right Channel has very audible \"static\" noise. This noise includes some element of \"white\" background noise with popping sounds from time to time. When the speaker cables are swapped at the amplifier binding post, the noise and popping swapped as well - consistently following the same amplifier speaker output. Static and popping also continues with no component input (all source and preamplifier components powered off). I am not sure if the left channel has any issues since I did not get a clean listen with the right channel making so much overhead noise. Please repair/restore my amplifier back to the audio quality/specifications I used to love :) I am also missing a single rubber filler plug on the side of the chassis - if you happen to have one for replacement, that would be great! Thanks, Tim
Adcom GFA-5500 #A55LFB 08596 Estimate-Based Repair Service
1. Strange noises in right channel when powering down. 2. Power button hard to push.
Adcom GFA-5500 #A55LFB04171
No LOW-END, Bass is little to none. (Suspect electrolytic caps need replaced at the least) As it works but no low-end Y'all are the true experts, so I leave an actual diagnosis to you.
Adcom GFA-5500 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Right channel on the amp is not providing any output.
Adcom GFA-5500 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Channel out. Was serviced 2X by a local electronics repair shop. Repairs included broken power switch and dead channel. The switch is still functional but the channel is out again I would also like to have this amp serviced for possible refurbishment. Not sure if the elements (ie. cap) need to be replaced due to age? Drop Off Questions: I won't be able to drop off the unit until around May 26 or 27th. I am ~ 1.5 hours from your shop. Can I stop off on Saturday May 27th?
Adcom GFA-5500 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Possible recap
Adcom GFA-5500 (up to 12 weeks turn around time)
Unable to adjust dc offset RS, blew fuse and RS speaker, loud hum when powered on. Turned off right away. Would like amp gone through, caps replaced.
Adcom GFA-5500 GFA-5503 channel pcb Repair Service
The left channel ceased to work in ADCOM GFA5500. I swapped the PCBs, and then the right channel had no signal. This isolated the problem to the left channel PCB. No repairs have been attempted, so you are getting the part \"clean\". I will adjust bias and dc when the board is returned.
Adcom GFA-5500 Repair Service
a third party had a party and spiked the amp apparently. Blew speakers on the right channel and the right channel of the amp is distorted etc. It was spiked by having it turned up and connected to a computer source then turning the computer up as well. Probably some sort of crappy club music with exponential base . ( it was my son home from Europe, enough said) So, I would like the whole thing gone through a it has had many years of use. thank you for your consideration to this problem Let me know my next step Stan Fullerton
Adcom GFA-5500 Repair Service
Distortion static
Adcom GFA-5500 Repair Service
Left channel squeal and occasional pop through Vandersteen 2CE Signature II speakers. On power up and during normal play. With or without RCA input connected or not. D.C. bias across +/- amplifier terminals after a 10 minute warm up. Left channel: -15 millivolts and changing, Right: +10 millivolts and solid as a rock. Serial number: A55LFB 04221 Amp chassis is in near mint condition and is scratch free. The rack mount ears have been removed. Flathead screws remain. Unit is wrapped in plastuc and is double boxed (not original) with a double layer of styrofoam sheets.
Adcom GFA-5500 Repair Service
has very weak bass response, runs warmer on on side of the amp than the other side
Adcom GFA-5503
One channel buzzes two channels work but they have distortion
Adcom GFA-5503
check and upgrade
Adcom GFA-5503
Turned unit on, heard a loud buzz, then the center channel went out. Adcom GFA-5503 S/N: ??L DB 02021
Adcom GFA-5503 Repair Service
all channels poor sound quality , noise,etc
Adcom GFA-5503 Repair Service
one channel not working , please check others, i don\'t believe this amp has ever been serviced
Adcom GFA-5503 Repair Service
Paul, I have buzzing noise at each of the 3 outputs. The sound comes out, but there is a noticeable buzzing noise at each of the 3 outputs. I am sure you and your team will fix it, as with the other 5 adcoms you have repaired for me.
Adcom GFA-555
Left channel output is much weaker than right channel output.
Adcom GFA-555
Output fuses blow upon power up Amp was serviced previously by EBC... Several years ago. Address has changed since that time correct address is above.
Adcom GFA-555
Bad preamp board
Adcom GFA-555
can't turn the unit off.. the on and off switch don't work
Adcom GFA-555
blown channel
Adcom GFA-555 # 015298
one channel out
Adcom GFA-555 #...5153
(can only make out the last few numbers; I bought it on eBay over 10 years ago) On/off switch doesn't work. Fortunately stuck in On position. Right channel RCA input connector broken. Would like both problems repaired.
Adcom GFA-555 #..0618 Repair Service
Adcom GFA-555 #..6443 Repair Service
Adcom GFA-555 #015937
Left channel
Adcom GFA-555 #02047329
Powers on, but left channel dead. Replaced blown rail fuse on left channel, and worked for a short time before tripping the circuit breaker in house wiring. No further testing as I don't want to blow anything up! Would like to repair and restore, and any recommended modifications. Also, would like add a speaker protection relay (just in case).
Adcom GFA-555 #630-4775 and Adcom GFA-555 #630-4867
#630-4775 Doesn't power up at all #630-4867 Distortion johnsworkbench324@gmail.com
Adcom GFA-555 #639-6016
Amplifier clips out. Not sure what is wrong. Was driving 2 Polk RTA 12c speakers and now speakers are blown. I am using an Adcom GTP-500 pre-amp with this amp. I don't think anything is wrong with that piece of equipment. I will drop off amp on Monday, 4/20 @ 10:30am.
Adcom GFA-555 #651-19712
Internal fuses blown, replaced and tried again, main external fuse blew. Noticed right channel speaker wires slightly touching each other on right channel at wall connector near speaker. (The volume was very low on that speaker when I substituted the Adcom with a different amp and I noticed the \\\"short\\\" -- surprised I was getting any sound). Tested the Adcom again with new fuses and old woofer and it instantly melted the voice coil. NOTE: I might not have replaced the blown fuses with fast blow 10 amp fuses. Also note, Stereo Repair in east setauket NY had repaired and upgraded some parts several years ago. ALSO NOTE: If this repair doesn\\\'t add 10 years of life to the amp, I may not want to repair. Also curious why this happened and if both channels have issues. Thanks, JS
Adcom GFA-555 #732-26137 Repair Service
On off switch
One channel does not work
Adcom GFA-555 #744-28532
Powers on, no sound.
Adcom GFA-555 #82632501
Replace on/off switch and I would like to have the amp upgraded
Adcom GFA-555 #832 33825/Adcom Binding Posts installation($50)+2 years extended warranty($50)
Want checked out and serviced as needed for proper function per Adcom specs as you are also servicing my GTP 500 Receiver/Pre and my ACE 515 Power conditioner, so I know all is well with all components and can start life anew,+ upgraded binding posts and 2yr.warranty Thanks, Byron Cacheris
Adcom GFA-555 #91137468, GFA-555 #613-2184
These amps were working amps and were repaired by your company about 2013. In late 2022 a hurricane took off some of the roof of my home. While the amps did not get directly wet there was of course a high level of mist (even salt air) in the home. I have not attempted to use the amps. I have had my Magnepans rebuilt and I don't want to hook them up before the Amps are inspected/repaired.
Adcom GFA-555 #91537880
No right channel and RCA's pull out. Other mod's recommended?
Adcom GFA-555 822-32177
RT channel distorted. Left channel no output. The amp was working fine until the RT crossover shorted. The RT side 100 ohm resistor was found to be damaged and was replaced. This restored sound to the RT channel, but it is distorted. The LT channel worked fine after the shorted took out the RT channel, but now does not work.