Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Marantz amplifiers Repair Services


Marantz 2240 Repair Service

Any repair of the receiver -bad channel, noise, distortion, DC offset, overheating, rebiasing, adjusting, switches and controls cleaning. Includes replacing panel light with LED...

Marantz SR-18 SR-19 Repair Service

The repair service covers regular repair of Marantz SR-18 or SR-19 receiver. Typical problem- no sound, the unit powers up, all functions work but there is no sound at all. Most likely one of the channels is blown. It caused protection circuit to open all speaker relays and disconnect all speakers....

Marantz SR-4002 Repair Service

The Repair Service covers most of the problems of the Marantz SR4004 Surround Receiver. Typical problems: - Blown channel - No power at all - Distortion - Thermal protection - Power supply issues - POW5 error message Most of the problem will switch the unit in protection mode with steady bl...

Marantz SR7500 Repair Service

The repair service covers any repair of Maranz SR-7500 surround sound receiver. Common problems: - check pow5 error - blinking red power light, protection - no power at all - thermal protection - a channel does not work - no sound - intermittent shudown...

Marantz SR6001 Receiver Repair Service

The repair service will cover any repair of Marantz SR6001 surround sound receiver. Typical problems: - Flasing red light. No operation. - Shut down - Thermal protection - Blown channel ...

Marantz SR7001 Receiver Repair Service

The repair service will cover any repair of Marantz SR7001 surround sound receiver. Typical problems: - Flashing red light. Blinking power light. No operation. - Shut down. Intermittent shutdown. - Thermal protection. - Blown channel. - POW5 error. ...

Marantz SR-7002 Repair Service

This service is for most common problems for Marantz SR7002 receiver which usually switch the unit in to protection mode with blinking power light: Power supply problem Blown channel No sound from one channel or no sound at all Thermal protection Shutdown No power ...
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Out of warranty units only. All repairs are performed to factory specifications with genuine replacement parts.