Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Adcom GFR-700 GFR-700HD Repair Service

The Repair Service covers any repair of Adcom GFR-700 GFR-700HD receiver with following problems:
  • no standby, no power
  • standby, no power
  • powers up with I2C 12C error
  • powers up with E01 or E02 error
  • switches inputs by itself
  • switches surround modes by itself
  • the unit stucks on an input
  • volume control problem
  • shuts down by itself
  • powers up by itself (at night time)
  • freezing 'initialization' display
  • POW errors
  • one or several channel cuts sound
  • audio drops out
  • the unit locks up

* Turn around time for HDMI and DSP (digital surround processing) problems is 5 weeks.


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