Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Adcom GTP-500 Repair Service

The service will cover any repair of Adcom GTP-500 or GTP-500II preamplifier.


  • tuner doesn't work or intermittently doesn't work or stops to work after few minutes, no FM
  • no sound, no sound in one channel
  • no power
  • shuts down by itself
  • pops when you switch record or listen input
  • distortion, noise etc
  • volume/balance/tone controls static or noise

The service will not cover water damaged, fire damaged, DIY units, unit with mechanical damages and missing components.


Customize this repair by adding some options
$100 Check and replace bad electrolytic capac
Replace capacitors in power supply and other critical areas. Check other caps and replace bad ones.
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