Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Denon AVR-1708 1508 688 588 488 Repair Service

The repair service covers any repair of Denon AVR-1708 1508 688 588 488 receiver with flashing red power light.
    Usual symptoms:
  • After turning on the unit, the display shows "AV surround receiver", in several second green blinking power light turns to red blinking and the receiver shuts down by itself (protect mode).
  • The receiver works fine several minutes then shuts down to protect mode, red power light blinks.
Most likely your receiver has a problem with power supply or one of the channels is bad.
The service includes parts labor and 60 days warranty.
5 days turn around time.

The service will not cover water damaged, fire damaged, DIY units, unit with mechanical damages and missing components.

List Price = $140


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