Marantz SR-18 SR-19 Repair Service

The repair service covers regular repair of Marantz SR-18 or SR-19 receiver.
Typical problem- no sound, the unit powers up, all functions work but there is no sound at all.
Most likely one of the channels is blown. It caused protection circuit to open all speaker relays and disconnect all speakers.
Why it happened? Because of old bad/cracked soldering joints in power amplifier section, the amplifier can not control its DC and output transistors current (BIAS). It leads to blow out output transistors and surrounding components.
Usually it doesn't matter how hard you push the receiver. Its just matter of time.
Now we need to repair that blown channel and refresh all soldering joints to prevent similar problems with other channels in the future.
Other common problem with the receiver- it lost all setting when you unplug it from outlet. This problem aslo will be fixed.

The service will not cover water damaged, fire damaged, DIY units, unit with mechanical damages and missing components.


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