Philips 42FD9954 42FD9934 power supply board Repair Service

The service will cover any repair of power supply board 312235721372 312235721373 312235721374 312235721971 31223571972 for Philips Plasma TV 42FD9954 42FD9934 . Your power supply board will be repaired or replaced. 100% you get positive result. 6 months warranty. 3 days turn around time.
Usual symptoms:
  • The TV makes several relay clicks when you turn it on and then switches to the protect mode (flashing red light)
  • The TV won't start when cold
  • The TV has no standby light.
We test all power supply boards before and after the repair. If the board is good we return it without any charges except the shipping.

How to remove the power supply board from the tv

How it works:

  • Fill out the form with contact and shipping info on the next page.
  • Pack and ship the board for the repair, email us a tracking number
  • In several days your board is fixed/tested. You can trace the repair process trough Order Status page.
  • We ship back the board when we've received your payment
Helpful links: How to remove the power supply board. | How to remove a sustain board.

Note: Sometimes, the bad power supply board could cause other boards of the TV to fail. For instance, when the TV with bad power supply board is forced to work long time (i.e. by heating the boards). As a result, a sustain board(s) could get a damage and you need to repair the power supply board and the sustain board.

If the TV doesn't work with repaired power supply board most likely one of the sustain boards is dead- in that case a repair or replace your sustain board(s) will cost additional $100.

The repair service is warranted for 6 months, during that time we'll repair or replace your power supply board for free.

Q: I have installed repaired board and my tv doesn't work.
A: Check all connector, any missing or not properly inserted plug could result in protection mode (flashing red light). Otherwise, your TV most likely has a bad sustain board(s).

Not sure what else is wrong with the tv? just order power supply board from parts page and you can return it later ($40 restocking/testing fee).

List Price = $150


Return Shipping:
We use UPS or FEDEX to ship repaired unit back to you.
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