NJ Plasma LCD DLP Projection CRT TV Repairs

Sorry, we temporary do not accept new repairs. Please check in few weeks.

Plasma LCD DLP TV Repairs in Somerville Somerset Bridgewater Hillsborough Skillman

We specialize in TV repair services. We can repair modern TVs like Plasma LCD LED TV or we can repair your old style CRT or rear projection TV.
Serviceable brands: Philips, LG, Samsung, Loewe, Sony, Gateway, Dell and many many others.
We try to repair your TV right in your home. In case the TV needs special attention we pick it up repair at our place and bring it back to you in few days.
We stock many parts for TVs so most likely your tv will be repaired in short period of time.
    What we can repair:
  • Dead TV, no power, no lights, no sound, no picture
  • Blinking error light, no sound, no picture
  • Sound but no picture
  • Picture but no sound
  • Clicking sounds, relay clicking, On Off cycling, Samsung TV bad caps
  • It takes long time to turn on the TV
  • Screeching sound, HDMI problems
    What we can not repair:
    (Actually we can but these repairs are expensive and considered as not economical)
  • Cracked, broken screen panel (usually like a spider web) - the tv needs new LCD or Plasma panel which almost costs as much as new TV set
  • Vertical lines from top to bottom - usually the tv also needs new screen panel
  • Huge water damages, for example after basement flooding

We really love our job and do our best. We guarantee our excellent service all the time.

Whenever possible we try to repair your set by component level instead of replacing boards to save your money and time.
Most repairs of small TVs (up to 32 inch) are in range from $75 - $200, big screen TVs - $200 - $300
Samsung LCD TV power supply problem (bad caps, long time to turn on, relay clicking on/off cycling) repair - $140
Panasonic plasma TV TC-P50 TC-P60 etc repair, 7 blinks, 10 blinks, 14 blinks - $250

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