Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks.

Repair Service Request

Please complete the form below with your contact and shipping information and describe the problem of the unit(s).
After submitting this form you get an ORDER NUMBER and receive a confirmation email with order details.
Pack the unit, write the order number on the box or shipping label and ship.
Ship to: EBC ELECTRONICS Order #..., 126 South 14th ave, Manville, NJ 08835, US, Phone 908-458-6072

Please print and include in the box this completed form or confirmation email. It will help identify the package if the label is not readable or damaged.

- We will send a confirmation email when we have received your package.
- After diagnosing of your unit we will contact you with details. If approval is given we start the repair.
- You can track the repair process trough our website. Periodically we will send you updates on repair process.
- When your unit is ready you pay using PayPal or credit card or mail a check made payable to EBC ELECTRONICS
- We ship the unit back to you and provide a tracking number.

Business Name
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First Name
Last Name
Phone number
Street Address
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Unit brand, model number and serial number
Example: Adcom GFA-565 #756687
Adcom GTP-500 #78-993
Problem description

Please make sure your email address and shipping address are correct.

This button will send the repair request to us and create your Order Number. Shortly you will receive a confirmation email with order details and shipping instruction.
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