Note: Current turn-around time is up to 12 weeks.

Sunfire True Subwoofer Junior Repair Service

sunfire tsj.jpg
This Sunfire Junior sub plate amp repair service is for any repair of your plate amplifier.
Typical problems:
- hum
- distortion
- no power
- no sound
- the unit blows fuses

This repair service covers Sunfire subwoofer amplifier module. We will repair your amplifier and replace known as bad quality parts, some electrolytic capacitors also will be replaced. Woofer driver is not covered. Return shipping is calculated for plate amplifier only. Please remove plate amplifier module and ship. It is ok to ship whole cabinet but we will adjust returning shipping cost for actual weight.
This service is backed up by 90 days warranty.


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$25 1 Year Warranty
The warranty will cover plate amplifier repair for 1 year from return shipping date.
Return Shipping:
We use UPS or FEDEX to ship repaired unit back to you.
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