Note: Current turn-around time is up to 6 weeks

Sunfire True Subwoofer Mark IV Repair Service

This repair service is for a Sunfire subwoofer plate amplifier:
Typical sub problems:
No power
No sound
Blow fuses
Auto turn on/off does not work

We will return your unit in good working condition, some electrolytic capacitors and other known as bad quality parts will be also replaced.

This repair service is for plate amplifier module only.
This price will NOT cover:
- Damaged driver/woofer
- Cabinet repair
These repairs incur additional cost.

You may ship plate amplifier only or whole subwoofer cabinet.
Return shipping is calculated for plate amplifier weight, if you ship whole unit we will adjust return shipping later.
This service is backed up by 90 days warranty.

Instruction and helpful info How to remove Sunfire plate amplifier


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$25 1 Year Warranty
One year warranty from date of return shipping
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